Hardware Support and Warranty

IDNAM may from time to time offer to sell modems compatible with our network and internet services. You may choose to purchase your modem elsewhere. Warranty for modems is as per the manufacturers warranty or 12 months; the greater of the two. If a valid warranty claim is made IDNAM reserve the right to repair or replace the equipment at our discretion.
Supplied Modems and warranty details
TP-Link – http://www.tp-link.com.au/support/rma
D-Link – http://support.dlink.com.au/warranty.asp
As part of our service we offer to purchase modems based on the below manufacturers, please browse to the below links to select a required modem or a modem will be automatically provider if requested from currently stocked item.
TP-Link Modems – www.tp-link.com.au
DLink Modems – www.dlink.com.au

Technical Support

For technical issues about your services you can email us on; support@idnaust.com.au or call 02 8985 7304 9am – 9pm or Saturday and Sunday 02 8985 7304 from 5pm – 5pm.

Technicians may be on another call or tending to planning, maintenance or other issues and you may be required to leave a message. If possible please send an email (including your name & building/apartment number in the subject line) with specific issues/observations to support@idnaust.com.au and an available technician will tend to your request as soon as possible, which may not include an immediate call back. If you have provided sufficient information they may look into the matter first.
Of course if the problem isn’t resolved please call/email again.

Technicians use a series of diagnostic step to identify and resolve the issue in the shortest possible time. The purpose of these steps may not seem obvious or related to your problem and may also be to eliminate some factors and thereby shortening the resolution time frame for you.

You may receive an SMS from our Technical Department in relation to your issue. These are sometimes centrally generated from email to your phone. These SMS messages may:

  • request you to perform certain tests,
  • seek confirmation of problem fix,
  • ask you to reset your modem,
  • request appointment confirmation,
  • etc.

You may be asked to perform a certain action more than once, such as reset your modem. If you are not available to respond to instructions from the Technical Team they may be unable to progress with your matter and will have to wait until a later time. Technical issues that affect the whole network or more than one customer are given higher priority.

PLEASE NOTE: Technical support is not available from our general Customer Service 02 8985 7304. If you call for technical support you may leave a message only and a technical support staff member will contact you within 24 business hours.

Post-Sales Support and Charges

You may require our support team to visit if we are unable to resolve your support inquiry, a $185 charge applies for our support staff to attend your premises. Charges are timed on an hourly rate with the second hour charged at $45 and will appear on your next invoice.


The Accounts Team is available from 9am to 5pm Mon – Fri (excluding public holidays). If you have an Accounts relate inquiry please email accounts@idnaust.com.au with your details including your name & apartment number in the subject line of the email. This helps us track and address your issue much quicker.
Of course if you can’t send an email please call 02 8985 7304 and leave a detailed message and an accounts team member will return your call promptly.
You will usually receive a response via email/SMS unless we need to clarify something with you.


If you would like to connect a new service or add another service to your existing account and take advantage of our every day bundle bonuses or current special offers please email us on;
Submitting Your Application
When your application is received you will receive an SMS and/or email acknowledgment of receipt. If you do not receive acknowledgment of receipt within 2 hours please SMS us on our dedicated sms to email number – 0477 751 339, email on connections@idnaust.com.au, or call 02 8985 7304 and let our Reception Officer know. However you contact us we need to know:

  • Your name,
  • Contact phone number,
  • Building/Apartment number,
  • When you sent it in, and
  • How you sent it in (fax or email).

Processing Your Application
Processing of your application may take 24-48 hours (but usually less).
After processing your application you will receive an email telling you that

· Your Application has been approved or is incomplete,
· A connection date range (2-5 business days),
· About your charges;

1) What charges apply,

2) what they apply for, and

3) when they will be charged. i.e.

I. at approval,

II. at connection time, and

III. ongoing monthly charges.

(Please note that all charges are to be processed via direct debit to either a credit card or an account at an approved financial institution.)

If your application is missing any information it may delay approval and therefore delay connection of your services.

If your application is missing any information it may delay approval and therefore delay connection of your services.

Modem Supply and/or Install

If you have ordered a modem from us and have selected on your application form to install it yourself you will be given confirmation of modem delivery time-frame and location.

If you have ordered a modem to be supplied and installed by one of our technicians they will contact you to arrange an appointment for modem installation. They will also bring the pre-configured modem with them.

You will need to be in attendance for the installation. The appointment window is usually a 4 hour window from either 9am-1pm, 11:30am-3:30-pm or 1pm-5pm. You technician may offer to make alternatives times with you at their discretion.