Q) How will you assure sufficient bandwidth is applied to the building without delay?

A) Providing additional bandwidth for DSL services, unlike fibre, requires new physical connections, is subject to capacity constraints at the local exchange and upstream providers technician availability.

Fibre bandwidth however is artificially limited by the provider’s configuration. We simply call our provider and request more bandwidth and they make changes at their end that increases the bandwidth, usually within days, so bandwidth for all customers is assured.

Q) What if I am not happy with the service?

A) Please call us on 02 8985 7304 and we will be happy to discuss your service, improvements or even contract termination.

Q) Do I need a static IP Address, and is it free?

A) Yes a static IP address is free using our fibre service. Generally you won’t need one, unless you want to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that you want to access from home, or at home from another location. You need to request one if you want one. Please note that any end-user configuration for things like setting up a VPN is charged at the appropriate commercial rate in addition to and not part of provision of the fibre internet service. Email

Q) What Network am I using if i am using your telephone service?

A) Integrated Data Networks Australia Management Pty Ltd uses iPrimus for the carriage service provider but Integrated Data Networks Australia Management Pty Ltd are responsible for delivery and termination of your telephone service to your apartment

Q) What is an Embedded Network?

A) An Embedded Network is a privately operated utilities network supplying essential services in a defined physical location such as a retirement village, apartment building or land estate.

By supplying services to a sufficient number of customers in a small geographical area we are able to connect high volume wholesale commercial services to a small number of connection points, our Embedded Network technology then distributes those services to individual customers in the building.

Q) How can you provide services at cheaper rates than other providers?

A) Yes. By aggregating a large number of retail services though a small number of wholesale services means we get great savings on our total purchases under our wholesale contracts.

We simply pass these saving on to you in a number of ways.

Q) Will our services be the same quality as an external provider?

A) We worked with the developer during construction of the Alexander Lombard Tower to ensure the telephony infrastructure installed in the building is of a standard capable of delivering consistent high quality services throughout the building’s Embedded Network.

Q) Do residents have to use these services?

A) No, choice of provider must be available to all residents and various consumer protection measures exist to protect consumers from monopolising which is a good thing. Forcing people to use a particular provider or services only creates a bad relationship and reputation, for you and us, and we won’t be involved in this conduct.

Q) Where do our services connect to?

A) Your services are connected to your apartment via the infrastructure installed by the builder. We have installed brand new equipment in the utilities room of the Alexander Lombard Tower that connects to your dedicated apartment cables. Our wholesale services are connected to our first class equipment. The above combination is called an Embedded Network. This means you have the equivalent of a new first class telephone exchange right in the building, including a Fibre to the Premises internet service as at the end of Jan 2013.

Q) How much can we save on embedded Network Services?

A) You can expect to save around 40 – 60% off competitive standard retail prices. In fact our Fibre to the Premises internet service available at the end of Jan 2013 is not even available from other providers, as we have made significant financial commitments in order to bring a fibre optic internet service to your building.

Q) Why do we get more reliable services through an Embedded Network?

A) Embedded Networks have the benefit of having the entire infrastructure in one location so isolating and repairing any faults is a very efficient process. If the process takes an unusual amount of time we are usually able to provide a credit on the service in question.

Q) Who will maintain our services?

A) Integrated Data Networks Management Australia engage highly sought after leading Australian telecommunication network engineering experts who are paid on a total network performance basis, not by the hour. They are located in Melbourne and can attend to an outage or
other issues immediately. Our expert network engineers designed and configured the Embedded Network at your building so they know it intimately.

Q) Who do we speak to if we need to ask a question?

A) Speak to Us directly. Our help desk and connections and accounts department are located in Melbourne. We do not outsource these support services to other countries, we use our own in house experts who know the system and can answer your queries promptly and clearly without having to refer to other organisations. All our contact details are inside each lift in the Alexander Lombard Tower and inside your meter box in your apartment.

Q) Can we have only one utility service from your system and the other provided over a third party supplier?

A) Yes, we supply internet and telephone services separately. If you choose to have us supply both services we can provide you with even more free options, better rates.

Q) As a customer of the ALT Embedded network what do we need to do different?

A) Nothing, you will simply receive better services, better prices and better customer service.

Q) Do we have to have a long term contract?

A) No, for telephone services we have 1 month and 12 month plans. For internet, with our new Fibre to the Premises, we only have monthly plans so you can use it for as long or short as you like. A disconnection fee of $30 applies only after the first month and up until 6 months.

Q) Can we have only one utility service from your system and the other provided over a third party supplier?

A) Yes, we supply internet and telephone services separately. If you choose to have us supply both services we can provide you with even more free options, better rates.

Q) What if I rent out my apartment?

A) Tenants sign up just like tenants anywhere else. The landlord doesn’t need to get involved.

If you have any other questions that are not answered here please send us an email to