To our valued clients, please use this page to log into your customer portal and use the Pay Now button if you wish to make a direct payment for your service.Critical Information Summary

IDNAM Critical Information Summary ADSL2 v2
IDNAM Critical Information Summary VDSL2 v2

Complaint Handling Policy

IDNAM Complaint Handling Policy 1

Financial Hardship Policy

IDNAM Financial Hardship Policy 4

Billing and Payment Information

IDNAM Billing and Payment Information Summary

Standard Form of Agreement

IDNAM Standard Form of Agreement

Estimating Usage Handy Document

IDNAM Estimating Usage Document


The Legal Lessee is the individual responsible for the Integrated Data Networks Australia Management Pty Ltd account, and is usually the person who requests connection of the service.A Integrated Data Networks Australia Management Pty Ltd service may only have one Legal Lessee who is responsible for all charges on that service. If you are the Legal Lessee, you can request that the bill be sent to joint names, and you may appoint others as authorised representatives on your account to act on your behalf. However, the legal liability remains with the Legal Lessee.

Click Here to Download the Third Party Authorised Representative Form


Integrated Data Networks Australia Management Pty Ltd has various spend management tools that you can use to help you monitor your spend.If you would like to know more about them or would like to discuss the best options to meet your needs please call our customer support team on 02 8985 7304
Tools available below:

View Your Usage Online

You can login to your Account area at any time and view a breakdown of your usage and charges. Your usage report is updated daily with the previous day’s data.

Please note, usage shown relies on data that is not always reported in real time.

Service Throttling

Your service will be throttled to 256kbps/256kbps once you have reached your data limit as nominated in your application form for service, additional data may be purchased if required. Simply contact our accounts team between 9amand 5pm Monday to Friday to arrange for additional data.

Throttling removed on the 1st of every month and data returned to applicable speed.